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Exploration into Yoga Movement - Hayley North

About Hayley

Hayley's classes are grounded in the principals of the work of Vanda Scaravelli and influenced by her background in dance and other movement disciplines. This approach to yoga is focused on 'undoing' the body rather than 'doing' positions or exercises. There is no push, pull or 'stretching'. Instead, students are invited to listen within and be led by the natural wisdom of the body - towards a more personal, natural and primal way of moving.

Her playful and exploratory way of teaching combines anatomy, breathwork, asanas, creative movement, partner work and meditation. Sometimes the practice is very subtle and internal, at other times very physical and dynamic. Focusing on the key principles of gravity, breath and the awakening of the spine, it is a way of practicing yoga that suits and challenges everyone, regardless of gender, age, body type or level of experience.

Hayley discovered yoga in 1999 and went on to study intensively at the Natural Bodies Yoga, Movement & Therapy Centre in Brighton. Here she worked with many of the teachers that studied directly with Vanda Scaravelli and completed the 3 year teacher training course, facilitated by Gary Carter. It was here that Hayley met John Stirk, who has been her main guide and mentor in the practice for over 15 years.

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Nov 2018