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John Stirk

Extract from the Original body


As teachers, we draw people together for the common purpose of deepening their experience, and in so doing move beyond and beneath habitual patterns. Symbiosis played a major role in our evolution. Cooperation between organisms underpins our continuance as a species.  We are symbiotes with work in progress, mutually engaged in relaxing egos, dissolving personalities and coming together in an ancient rhythm common to all. The deeper we go, the closer we feel, as personal patterns float to the periphery of awareness. Love emerges and behaviour changes as we bathe together in the light of a less conditioned, more refined way of being.  If this can in some way make a difference within our sphere of influence, we are making a contribution to the general state of play.  In coming together and 'working in' as opposed to 'working out', we provide an opportunity for ourselves and for those with us, to realise a more profound, stronger and potentially enlightened way of being.

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John Stirk Nov 2018

£135 + £4.96 Charge


All practices, whether focused on postures, flow, spontaneous movement or the breath, are physiological. Deepening the physiological sense deepens practice. Regular application of a chosen style of working may have a deepening effect, but focusing on depth as the primary aspect enhances all work and provides a practice in itself. Depth work heightens the potential of all other practices. This workshop suitable for all levels explores the deeper aspects of the physical self and its effect on other aspects of our experience.