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Debbie Botterill

Debbie’s work at present is within the feeling sensations of the body/mind i.e. not placing any focus on an outcome, aim or achievement when working with postures but more so about feelings that arise from within. The heart of her work is to move deep inside one’s own experiences that will be from the individual's own perception of the world we live in to see who we may truly be - beyond conditioned self images of patterns of thinking, moving and living. Resisting the desire to over stimulate the body in postures and thus assist recognising the delicate yet potent place to nurture and to soothe when this response can be found in the body. Being respectful of the body and its boundaries in what can be felt from the inside out so as not to impose on oneself but to explore what might bloss-Om in the name of Yoga. This approach to her yoga makes it accessible to everyone with great emphasis on dropping away from over doing in movement and in stillness and silent spaces how revealing it all becomes within the realms of the personality identity and how we invest far too much importance on it. With Debbie’s subtle encouragement there are always heart opening teachings of how at the very centre of yoga there is virtuousness to be shared off the mat in the outside world with the essence of Raji yoga - transcending thought of the mind and Bhakti yoga - a sprinkling of devotion. The body is very good at hiding trauma and unhelpful behaviour patterns. When yoga is over choreographed and constantly bringing corrected in shapes it becomes easy to hide these energies/feelings/sensations. We can't help it ...we do enjoy routine with the notion all will be well. The energy of the Now isn't allowing us to get away with that as you are probably finding in life generally.

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Finally Mantra. It really must be said Debbie adores mantras and their individual powers to work with the mental and emotional aspects of the human nature. This journey of rising in all aspects of living is the trust of gracious flow one might say the devotional aspects of being LOVE. She encourages especially the Gayatri mantra in all her work whenever she can sneak it in. Muz Murray awakened Debbie Om to her hearts joy of joys...Mantra.

“My approach to Yoga is reviewed regularly in written word its focus will change the main essence stays in self love and respect to follow ones truth not anyone elses om.

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Namaste ~ Debbie OM x”


Debbie has been sharing yoga with classes and specialised individual groups since she qualified as a Hatha yoga teacher with FRYOG friends of yoga in 2000.