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The Om Studio Northampton Title

“Loving my dear Nan always such a heart space with her, miss your truth even though you’re right here when I need it”

Here we go again yet more physical work, dearest Andrew and Bro Rob again ever faithful. Family members and friends all helping to make this happen. So much work after only just finishing major major works on the house that had also had a new crown chakra. A job that had taken 2 years of hard work to finish. Was it mad to start again when still physically exhausted from so much work? The work on the OM needed to be completed quickly to not create too much disruption with established classes. The first stage happened in only 2 weeks with the new roof going up as the God's rained down, it was a battle at times, it was made like the Gita. Just the story of onwards and upwards. The big extra was the wonderful under floor heating, mini bliss had arrived. Lots more ceremony virtuous words yet again placed into wall cavities and under the floor. Incense and lots of Gayatri Mantra whilst working on the Om, it was Debbie's second lesson on being a roofers mate, talk about Karma yoga. She is making sure the next Quest into the wilderness has much less physical work for herself and Andrew even though he loves it, the building planning and making things rise, a genius so he his.

Debbie wanted to share this story of the studio so you can get the feel of the vibe of the OM space, how her heart felt, and the reason's for birthing it. It really was and still is her truth, an extension of being in service to other soul searchers. Her Quest to open in heart and rise in love always. Let it be OM….

The History of the

Om Studio

The New Crown Chakra….

In 2011 Debbie was gifted £5,000 from her late dear beloved Nan Alf. An opportunity for the Om to rise, moving the small kitchen space and toilet into the new upper floor allowing the floor space downstairs to become bigger. Bingo. Debbie was hosting workshops to bring in well experience teachers with inspiring ideas, all very interesting. The extra space would be perfect again. So this gift of money was very welcome and perfect timing, also because she had seen in her vision this upstairs space……..