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Year 2000 - Debbie found herself in Bedfordshire, at a weekend of Tantra Mantra with Muz Murray. Wow it blew her mind, literally empty. Working with the mantra of the Sanskrit alphabet and her favourite to this day, the miracle of the mantra, Arunarchala Shiva. She never dreamed she would later stand at the feet of this divine place in India. Her heart began to re-open to the joy of sound, reminding forgotten feelings that dance and sound were once her guiding light. A visit to France for a course called The Quest with Muz and Willow was just perfect for her. Already in a process making peace with her pain this week gave her another leap into her own mind, body and emotions. Debbie in new beginnings. From a place of love, kindredship, and heart felt kindness the group provided safe acceptance. In this space of healing a quest to vision a future was encouraged. She found an overwhelming creativity moved through her in this dream scape. A feeling to create a safe space for people to come to for soul work, to bring souls together to work out of purpose, let go of hurts and most of all to begin a space for these heart teachings, in the potency of present moment Teaching.

Andrew and Debbie purchased Queens Park Parade and by 2003 a very clear vision of the space showed itself for the first time since the quest with Muz in France. There it was, nesting at the very bottom of the garden... well eventually. At present it was a wooden garage and vegetable patch and half the land was owned by a neighbour. Through their determination they made it work, with a low budget and lots of hard work it happened. Andrew, Debbie, her brother Robert and brother in law Lee gave all of there help and vision to make it affordable. It very naturally became a sacred space even before the building went up. Debbie constantly burnt incense and had Ganesh on board. Words were written on paper and placed in the wall cavities. All perfect. A sacred space for all things yoga, sound and healing past hurts became the quest. The space was going to be named Anahata studio, the place of heart. Debbie and a group of friends blessed the space and her friend Elizabeth had a crystal bowl attuned to the sound of the heart chakra which was used in the space for a few weeks with much loving intention. That was a joy. Very quietly and from nowhere Anahata became OM studio Debbie isn't sure how but it was divine so she went with it. Not her will but she took it and all was perfect.

The Om Zone. The zone of yes and anything is possible, the first instalment of Debbie's hearts journey. She was in India when the Om was at the last stage of completion and she came back into this beautiful space with a light heart, one might say reincarnated. A very profound time in so many ways, a new work space, settling into a new finding about herself. Learning to understand about herself through the eyes and hearts of others, a new way of being. The Om gradually went from strength to strength.

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The History of the

Om Studio

Begin at the beginning….

Debbie's yoga journey began in 1995 with Mary Davis, attending many weekly classes where she began to rediscover the joy of movement, ease, grace and generous spirit that Mary always showed. Mary planted the seed of self love with Debbie, which became yoga to her. When Debbie wanted to pursue teaching Mary recommended FRYOG (Friends of yoga) that led to a course with Brian and Gail Cosserat. They were a great team who gave encouragement and understanding as she worked towards her goal, it was a joy of learning. Yoga gave so much more clarity; a new world arising in her, becoming more alive through the pace of grace. The philosophy of yoga breaking this down, not only physical but also gradual growth into deeper understanding a renewing of ones own thinking.