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Mooji Sangha

Mooji Sangha doors will open at 6.30pm

November Mooji gathering we are calling out to all those up for Kirtan .. Voices, instruments, percussion. If anyone would like to bring shakers, bells, drums or accompany us with guitar. Musically inspired by Kirtan /chanting /mantra all are very welcome..  Let's Co -create together.

Satsang viewing will begin at 7pm for those who wish to arrive a little later.

An evening for opening to stillness and spaciousness within ones own inner self through viewing recordings of Mooji’s live satsangs, shown on large screen. Watching together in silence for about one hour to introduce this profound self inquiry. The calling is to provide a space for those that would love to join us on a monthly basis to share in togetherness thus creating a Mooji sangha. A perfect opportunity for us all to work together at outing sneaky mind concepts and old handed down beliefs that create only pain and suffering it is said.

Please bring your inspirational reading to share, the evening usually include a few gentle mantras.

Chai and warm herbals will be available. There are many chairs, cushions and blankets provided at the Om to enable comfortable seating or laying down on the flat of course you are welcome to bring your own too.

A small donation of £5 /£7 will go towards Mooji also Om heart space.

Please text or email Debbie to save your place even though there will always be a place she would like to have names please of your arrival

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