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Tara Cave - Debbie & Sue

An invitation to connect to divine feminine energy through Tara the goddess of tears of compassion. This will manifest through sound and healing. Wind chimes, bells, Himalayan bowls, gongs, flute and shamanic drum blended with voice, mantra, whisper, spoken word, silence, virtues words, poetry.

The Om's arms are open to welcome all to come and be immersed into healing energy. It is about you coming to receive. Debbie and Sue will be weaving Reiki healing energy into the space, assisting you to open into the flow of your higher energy awareness. There is so much to share with you, a truly nourishing and nurturing space made through devotional creativity. Debbie and Sue just feel drawn to this precious, safe, deep healing space. Suitable for all, come nestle on a padded mat, tucked in with a blanket on the Om's delicious heated floor.

Booking is Essential

As we are always over subscribed for this sharing we are now asking for payment to be made to secure your space as a way to make it fair to all.

We have included a payment button for your convenience. You can pay by credit or debit card but please contact if you are finding any difficultly paying this way or for more payment options.

If you have any questions contact Debbie on 07828 139582 or via email....

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Jan 2019