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Gary Carter & Stephen Braybrook - Evolved Movement

Evolved Movement

Join the rebels of movement, Gary Carter and Stephen Braybrook, in this fascinating one-day workshop to explore movement from a completely fresh perspective.

Both strong advocates of movement not being about a person’s particular way, style, or system, but rather learning and understanding the body’s innate way. Watch the duo unravel ideas of anatomy, movement, fascia, tensegrity, biomechanics, and neurology; turning many concepts on their head, to enable exploration from an intriguingly different angle.

Questions will be asked, ideas will be challenged, common sense added and most importantly, experiential evidence considered, to shed light on movement theory, practice, and training; facilitating a new way for movement students to see, understand and experience the body in motion.

What we think we know of the body and structure is changed from the first moment…and continues to become a changing landscape that will shift your perspective forever.”

Gary Carter, Natural Bodies

“If humans do not move like robots, made of non-living substances, then why do people teach as if they do?”

Stephen Braybrook, The Movement Man & Brain-Move

Gary Carter

Stephen Braybrook

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