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Adam Edwards -

Hi I’m Adam Edward.

Having a background in health and fitness I have always maintained a healthy lifestyle and came to yoga from more of a physical view point. After practising for some time I began to see that the practice of yoga can help in whichever journey you are on in life, be it from a physical sense or a spiritual sense. Qualifying in early 2017 in Goa,India, I have never looked back!!!

During my classes, I look to bring awareness through motion and balance, to find strength in flexibility and bring a connection between the body and the soul. My style is fun, energetic and challenging. I believe that strength, balance and flexibility are achieved every time we step on the mat and it’s the beauty of yoga that helps us translate that to our everyday lives.

Expect some fun and funky flows in my classes which are always suitable for any level of student. I look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon!!!

Adam E