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Please Yoga Move me Rest me into Being me...

Please Yoga Move me Rest me into Being me...

.....The beginning .....

A different presence to gift oneself.

The practice will be your own experiential inquiry into moving the body with guidance given, to encourage the opening and closing of spinal movement for inner quiet exploration.

Finding the ground through the physical body is finding true yoga before anything can take place in movement.This is one of our greatest teachers. What is here now, how do I find this body now? In complete relationship with how one finds the breath and energy levels in the moment of the moving/asana/posture. How one finds themselves before travelling towards that we may name asana/Posture. How we find ourselves beneath the modality of what is called Yoga.

.......The Middle .....

To BE with the movement before it begins and after the moving has finished. Come find this message in your body it sits inside. I Debbie Botterill will hold the space save and guidance will be given to assist the process of working but not working allowing the sensation of the movement to show itself from the internal listening place.This means we go slow we feel we breath we experience becoming your own internal Witness. Allowing that which sits in the moment to arise. Looking at what is already here to explore or even let it go to be released.

This invitation is into a deeper inner listening no ability required. There will be relaxation spaces throughout the morning. We will finished with tea for those that wish to stay for this ?? One may wish to leave in the silent pause before tea, all is perfect. It will all play out as it needs too for you.

Exchange £15

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