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An Unveiling

An Unveiling

Free your Voice, Free your spirit

Beginning with awakening, softening and relaxing our bodies with breath and simple exercises.

We will play with listening techniques for awareness of personal presence and that of the group.

Incorporating fun as we play and explore our creativity whilst opening our body’s into becoming a vessel of sound frequency, with support from the group and the rhythm of the group.

Our soul speaks to our body’s and so by allowing our body’s voice (as apposed to our mind voice) to create improvised vocalisation through a soft and opening body, within a safe, supported and loving environment, then this is when our own unique expression opens to reveal many gifts.

What frequencies from the Soul of love and creativity are waiting for their expression, pushing out whichever densities are blocking as it frees itself.

No need for words or stories, just frequencies expressed through your own unique instrument.

Please bring water and food to share

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